CSR report 2016

Standards and partnerships

Beter Bed Holding endorses and supports the following externally developed economic, environmental and social charters, principles or other initiatives:

  • Beter Bed Holding is a party to the UN Global Compact Code. The ten principles contained in the Global Compact Code are incorporated into the company's general code of conduct and the supplier code of conduct.
  • CO2 emissions are calculated using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines.
  • The CSR report and the GRI Index have been compiled according to G4 reporting guidelines on CSR reporting from the Global Reporting Initiative. The organisation may switch to the revised ‘Standards’ guidelines following the 2017 stakeholder dialogue.
  • Beter Bed Holding has signed the D&I Company’s Charter (formerly Talent to the Top) and in doing so has committed to the principles contained in the Charter. The Charter is a public commitment, a code that sets out clear agreements for realising gender diversity at the senior and sub-senior levels of companies. Signing the Charter is voluntary, but not non-committal.

Beter Bed Holding is an affiliate of the INretail sector organisation and a member of associations including the Dutch Retail Council.