CSR report 2016

What Beter Bed Holding stands for

For Beter Bed Holding and its subsidiaries, corporate social responsibility means making a positive contribution to the society in which they operate. This contribution is shaped through measures including complying with the applicable legislation and regulations at all times and by always treating the interests of all stakeholders respectfully.

Beter Bed Holding is aware of its corporate social responsibility, which is attested to by the existing reports relating to compliance, the ongoing stakeholder dialogue it conducts and in the structural approach to the topic of CSR that is imbedded in the organisation.

Code of conduct

The general code of conduct issued by Beter Bed Holding further defines what corporate social responsibility means to the company. These guiding principles, which are also expressed in the culture within the company (values and norms and conduct), have been imbedded in the organisation procedurally whenever possible. All employees have to commit to the rules defined in this code of conduct. The code of conduct for suppliers is a further elaboration of the general code of conduct. Both codes correspond with the United Nations Global Compact Code.

The general principles are as follows:

  • Beter Bed Holding adheres to all legislation and regulations in force in every country in which it operates.
  • The company supports and respects human rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Beter Bed Holding does not work with organisations that breach human rights or allow child labour.
  • The organisation also expects its business partners to pay their employees in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force in their country. Under no circumstances may employees be discriminated against, exploited or perform forced labour. Freedom of association of employees must be ensured.
  • The partners must ensure a safe workplace and healthy working environment is provided.
  • Every relationship that Beter Bed Holding maintains with third parties is built on fairness, honesty, integrity and openness.

The Supervisory Board and the Management Board endorse the principles for good corporate governance as included in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Beter Bed Holding has a whistleblower policy available for employees. Different complaints procedures for the various formats (both internally for employees and externally for customers and/or other stakeholders) have also been put in place.

A CSR steering committee, under the supervision of Beter Bed Holding, has been established within the Beter Bed organisation since 2015 and is directly involved in formulating the policy in the field of CSR and in realising its defined objectives. This team has an international focus, but concentrates primarily on the Netherlands and Germany as the largest countries within the group.

The Management Board renders accountability to the Supervisory Board for the conducted CSR policy. The specific CSR objectives are submitted by the Management Board to the Supervisory Board.