CSR report 2016


The report covers Beter Bed Holding as a whole with the exception of the activities in France and Sweden. Any deviations from this principle will be expressly pointed out. With regard to the relevance or impact of the material topics, no distinction is made between the business units given that the formulas are very similar to each other.

Beter Bed Holding is a trading company and does not manufacture anything. When selecting sustainable and other materials, the company relies heavily on its suppliers. Beter Bed Holding is therefore talking to its (strategic) suppliers  in order to have (more of) an influence on making the raw materials used and in turn the products sold more sustainable. As to prevent abuse within the supply chain, the supplier code of conduct includes a provision that companies must observe human rights. Also when selecting service suppliers (e.g. waste management companies), the company ensures that sustainability forms a part of the service provision (e.g. processing waste sustainably and recycling).