CSR report 2016


Key terms



Actions and measures to combat corruption. According to www.corruptie.org corruption is defined as the misuse of entrusted power for private gain.


Subject from the GRI guidelines. Aspects may be composed of several indicators.

CO2 emissions

The emission of greenhouse gases as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.


Standard application level of G4, whereby at least one indicator of all material aspects is reported.


Extended application level of G4, whereby all indicators of all material aspects are reported.


Describes the composition of personnel, management and the governance bodies subdivided into employee categories on the basis of gender, age group and minorities.


Emissions of greenhouse gases.

GHG protocol

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is a means of quantifying and managing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Global Reporting Initiative is the organisation that issues the global guideline for reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility.


G4 is the fourth generation of the GRI guidelines that was published in 2013.


The degree to which according to specialists and generally accepted guidelines an aspect affects economic, environmental and social issues.


Part of the GRI guideline on which reporting can be made in a defined way.

Material aspects

Material aspects are issues for which the combination of impact and relevance is so great that the company decides to report on them.


Non-governmental organisation, an organisation that is independent of the government and focuses on issues of public interest in one way or another.


The extent to which stakeholders attach importance to an aspect in their assessments and decisions.


Organisations or groups of people that can reasonably be expected to experience significant effect from the activities and products of Beter Bed Holding. Stakeholders include employees, shareholders, suppliers, the government and NGO's. A summary of the stakeholders of the organisation is available in the section Stakeholder dialogue.

Training & Education

Relates to: a) all occupational training and instructions; b) educational leave for employees paid for by the company; c) external training courses and education paid for wholly or partially by the company.