CSR report 2016


In the selection of suppliers, Beter Bed Holding is highly concerned with both the commercial and the ethical side of the relationship. The absolute precondition is that both the supplier and its suppliers adhere to all applicable laws and rules in their countries. The way of doing business must be compatible with the standards and values of Beter Bed Holding, which are based on the United Nations Global Compact Code.

The strategic suppliers have been asked to sign the code of conduct. The suppliers of all the formats of Beter Bed Holding have signed the code of conduct. All strategic suppliers are based in Europe. At least two suppliers are assessed annually to determine whether they comply with the supplier terms of Beter Bed Holding. These suppliers will also be asked to render account on the way in which they shape their CSR policy starting in 2017.

Stakeholders have stated that they expect large market parties such as Beter Bed Holding to play a pro-active role in chain management and focus within it mainly on the materials used, or to be used (wood, iron, down and cotton). The next evident step on the way to a circular economy is that the hazardous substances in mattresses, in particular, need to be phased out. This point is raised in regular meetings with suppliers.

Beter Bed Holding attaches importance to the respectful treatment of animals.

The aim of deepening the relationship with strategic suppliers is to attain a better collaboration and in doing so to achieve the joint objectives in the field of sustainability. Controlling the chain will demand a joint effort on the part of the company and its suppliers.